Driving Succes with AI-Driven Time Management

TimeFusion empowers automotive repair businesses with a precise and efficient time management tool.

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Thanks to TimeFusion's solution, we could streamline our operations and put the focus back on car repair instead of administrative tasks.

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Learn from accurate data

TimeFusion uses dedicated Internet of Things devices, TimePods, to bring time registration within arm's reach. Our TimePods are attachable to the vehicles you are servicing so no need to discontinue your workflow. The clever design of the TimePods allow you to track time for three customizable variables.

Track 3 Customizable Variables

Accurate and Seamlessly Integrated

Up to 600% More Efficient

Discover the TimePod

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Overview operations in real-time

With our web application, TimeFusion Pro, you can overview business operations in real-time in a modern dashboard. It provides clearity and structure to an otherwise complex to manage business.

Data-driven Platform

Operations in Real-time

Measurable Results

Discover TimeFusion Pro

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Learn from accurate data

Unlike any others, TimeFusion offers unrivalled data insights. We know the value of your data and offer you the metrics to evaluate your success. With our advanced AI algorithms, we analyze your data and tell you where you can improve.

Unrivalled Data Insights

Benchmark your Measurements

Elevate KPIs & Throughput with AI

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How does TimeFusion make the difference?

By combining hyper-efficient data-collection with AI optimizations

Save time in the workshop

With a TimePod placed on each vehicle in the repairshop, employees can track their working time directly on the car they are servicing. There is no need to interrupt workflows, making the process up to 6 times faster than alternatives

Real-time overview

Data collected from the TimePods is real-time available in TimeFusion Pro. You can overview ongoing operations, measure performance and export detailed reports

AI optimization

Based on historic data, our AI algorithms can measure your performance and provide actionable steps to increase throughput. This is achieved by identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

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Achieve Operational Excellence

Our AI models track your most impactfull KPIs to analyze where your business could improve. By doing this we can lower your average repair time, increase technician productivity and unlock higher revenues.